Friday, 21 May 2010

Iraq war enquiry, Iran turmoil and 9/11

Originally sent June 2009

Things are moving fast now. The EU elections were overshadowed by the tom-foolery in Westminster, with the main parties campaigning to retain credibility. Then there was much talk about how long Gordon Brown can remain Prime Minister, whilst some were doubting whether he was Prime Minister anyway. The real Prime Minister seems to be Tony Blair’s friend Peter Mandelson, though it’s not clear how much influence cabinet has in policy decisions in any case. Certainly former cabinet minister Clare Short didn’t think that the cabinet had much say in the decision to wage war on Iraq, if we go by her book ‘An Honorable Deception?’. Clare Short was back on television last night (June 15), following Gordon Brown’s announcement that there would be an independent inquiry into the Iraq war, when she was interviewed by Jon Snow on Channel 4 News. Earlier she had said in the Commons that the membership of the inquiry was rather feeble, and that it should be allowed to have hearings in private or in public as it sees fit, rather than having them kept completely secret.

One thing that Jon Snow picked up on in the news broadcast was that the inquiry would be wide-ranging, going back to 2001. Indeed, Gordon Brown stated that it “will consider the period from summer 2001, before military operations began in March 2003, and our subsequent involvement in Iraq right up to the end of July this year”. That includes 9/11. This means that we actually have an announcement of a inquiry into 9/11, in so far that it relates to the events leading up to the Iraq war. So what did the British security services know about what was really going on, and how much did they know about the subsequent cover-up? Were they complicit in the event or in the cover-up? Huge questions can now be raised in the context of this inquiry. It’s up to truthers to press their MPs for answers.

Meanwhile, truthers in New York are desperately trying to collect signatures for a petition to the state authorities. The New York City Coalition for Accountability, are aiming to collect a minimum of 45000 valid signatures from Newyorkers by July 3. In practice, they need a lot more than that because the authorities may declare some invalid. So far, they have collected 44 246 signatures. If they succeed, then a new investigation into 9/11 will become law in the state of New York.

President Barack Obama, in his Cairo speech of June 4, has warned the public not to challenge the official 9/11 story.

The US administration is clearly becoming concerned at the rise in support for a new investigation into 9/11 and the subsequent cover-up. In the same speech, he acknowledged that “in the middle of the Cold War the United States played a role in the overthrow of a democratically elected Iranian government”:

This is the first time that a US President has admitted to that, as far as top Obama advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski can remember. The context was in admitting to wrongs on both sides, but it does mean that whilst denying a current ‘conspiracy theory’, he is admitting to a past one.

A friend of mine in Tehran wrote in to a politics email discussion group about the mass demonstrations that were about to take place the following day, concerning the national election, and asking for this to be made known outside Iran. I replied that we were indeed hearing about it in the West, but that it was unclear just what was happening, and exactly what evidence was emerging of election fraud. If the Iranians did have proper democratic elections, would they be destabilised from outside, as in 1953 (see Here and Here). This operation was known as Operation Ajax, and there appears to have been British involvement, including a propaganda campaign spearheaded by the BBC.

President Obama’s Cairo speech contrasts remarkably with a previous speech at the US National Archives, in which he delivered a blistering critique of the Bush administration’s “ad hoc legal strategy”, and then announced his own, to enable the administration to keep people in prison indefinitely. This was reported on MSNBC, a US cable television network, by announcer Rachel Maddow.

In the UK, Tony Blair wanted three months’ detention without trial, but Parliament limited that to 28 days, which is said to be the longest anywhere in the world. Some people are getting worried. An interview with modern historian and writer Webster Tarpley has just appeared under the title “The Men behind Barack Obama” ( and It contains plenty of food for thought.

I attended the Alternative Vision 2 conference at Heathrow at the end of May, together with about 400 others. Videos of the talks are available at the bottom of . An evening seminar on 9/11 is planned for July 7 in London, organised by a group of media professionals. Exploring Evidence Event will be taking place in Logan Hall in the Institute of Education, Central London from 18:30 ( Danish Scientist Professor Niels Harrit will present evidence of nanothermite from the debris of the World Trade Centre. A television interview with him can be seen in the videos section of the website. Dr Kevin Barret is an academic and author, who will present a ‘primer for Obama voters, presenting an academic analysis of Western foreign policy’.

On Tuesday, June 30, a new book, Terror On The Tube will be launched in London at Conway Hall in central London (Website).

The book investigates the mass of conflicting evidence, eye witness accounts and anomalies reported in the 7th July 2005 tube bombings. The author, Nick Kollerstrom, is an astrophysicist and science historian. Previous research of his uncovered the myth of Newton’s apple; it was a yarn spun by Newton to cover up his theft of the law of gravity, which was actually discovered by Robert Hooke ( Perhaps it’s fortunate for Nick that he didn’t discover that one three hundred years ago.

Keep talking, and keep asking questions!

Alternative View no.2

Originally sent May 2009

The big event that’s coming up is Alternative Vision 2 ( next to Heathrow Airport from Friday (May 29) to Sunday evening. According to their mission statement: “There is a co-ordinated effort by our world leaders (elected and unelected), with the willing help of a corporate controlled mass media, to use manufactured global crises to create what they term a ‘New World Order’.

You’ve heard that term in the media, indeed Gordon Brown uses the phrase with alarming regularity, but what does it mean? Simply this: A global super state, controlled by a World Government, policed by a World Army, with a single World Currency… and a single world Religion! There is, however, an Alternative View. An alternative which will be mapped out at ‘AVII’, after we have shown our delegates - through well researched evidence and facts - what is really going on around us”.

As a three day residential conference, registrations begin at 5.00pm on the Friday, with the speakers and entertainment beginning at 7.30pm. Alongside their speakers, throughout the weekend you will have access to our Alternative Market, as well as a full programme of Workshops, allowing you a choice of activities. There will also be events and happenings every evening, right up until the early hours of Monday morning – allowing you plenty of time to network and make your own journey of discovery. This is said to be the largest event of its kind in Europe in 2009. Speakers include Professor David Bellamy OBE, who reveals what happens when you speak out against the ‘common consensus’. David Halpin recounts his ‘near death experience’ in January 2009, at the hands of the Israeli Navy. Scott Tips talks about the Codex Alimentarius programme and its role in making sickness compulsory. Dr Arpad Pusztai gives the story behind Genetically Modified foods, and researcher Brian Gerrish talks about a secretive charity called Common Purpose, and techniques of ‘messing up’.

The 911 Forum webmaster and Bilderberg researcher Tony Gosling, gives a run-down of the New World Order and what it owes to a Compliant Media. Tony Gosling will also be interviewed on Friday on Prison Planet TV. He appeared in The Corbett Report on May 5, to discuss his years of research into the group and its origins with Nazi sympathizers and Freemasons. They also discuss this year's conference and what information is available

Interview with Tony Gosling

A week later Bilderberg expert Daniel Estulin gave an interview (#084) on Bilderberg 2009, and topics up for discussion at this year's conference, including the planned destruction of what remains of the world economy and how to stop the Irish from voting No on the Lisbon Treaty (again) this autumn. Their latest video is on Medical Martial Law, and discusses the latest Swine Flu media frenzy

Their Corbett Report #86 is very worrying, reporting shipping out of live Avian Flu viruses to be mixed with flu vaccine, which could itself have caused a pandemic.

Some of us have been trying to make sense of the latest media frenzy on MPs expenses. The Mail On Sunday has been tracing the source of the leak, and there seem to be links to a former SAS man.

The Guardian reports that “Nadine Dorries, the Conservative frontbencher who claimed the Daily Telegraph's revelations on expenses could drive MPs to suicide, has had her blog shut down by lawyers acting for the newspaper”.

Her blog is here

A translation into Esperanto of John Pilger’s Chicago speech, which I did some time ago, has just appeared with illustrations on a website in Spain.

An article I wrote in an Esperanto magazine published in Russia has now appeared on the web. It’s about the Wilson Affair and strange goings on in the Esperanto movement at about the same time.

And my last 9/11 Berkshire Truth newsletter appeared in Esperanto translation on a Russian linguists website

Perhaps I’ll see one or two of you at AV2 next week. Keep asking questions!

The untimely death of Ian Tomlinson and the rise of the Police State

Newsletter originally sent April 2009

The various threads suggesting a move to a more authoritarian state have been coming together spectacularly in Britain over the past few weeks. The financial meltdown, anticipated for some time in certain quarters ofthe 9/11 Truth Movement, is now developing into a merger of state and corporate power. Was it caused by the bankers being incompetent, as we are being constantly told, or was it a massive fraud by bankers and politicians in collusion? More on that below.

Then there are the typical signs of an emerging fascist state, with evidence of gratuitous police violence hitting the national headlines practically every day. It seems that in the Metropolitan Police’s Territorial Support Group we have a militia in the heart of London. Channel 4 News managed to put together a number of videos taken from different locations during the recent G20 demonstration in London. They tracked the movements of the police officer who had previously been caught on camera assaulting, from behind, bystander Ian Tomlinson, who died shortly afterwards. The Independent Police Complaints Commission,who are reviewing police behaviour during that demonstration, attempted to get a court injunction to prevent Channel 4 News from broadcasting that footage. Why? The footage also shows that Ian Tomlinson’s head appears to have struck the pavement when he was brought to the ground. That surely must raise questions on the two post mortem examinations which concluded that he had died of a heart attack and an abdominal haemhorrage respectively.

At the same time, the truth on what didn’t happen on the 11th of September 2001 seems to be permeating through. One mystery has been why the left has been so quiet. George Galloway MP has a regular Talksport radio show on his website, and on Friday and Saturday, April 17 and 18, he held a phone-in on 9/11. Opening the show, he said that he stil lholds Islamic extremists responsible, but a recent chance meeting with Tom Kiley in New York has planted seeds of doubt in his mind.

"Soon into the second show George Galloway admits "it's hard to see scientifically why both of the Towers fell down in the way that they did and it'spractically impossible for me to see how Building 7 could have fallen inthe way it did"

These particular broadcasts turned out to be amongst his most popular. The full broadcasts are on his website:

Part 1: 33 minutes

Part 2: 38 minutes

Author Naomi Wolf, author of ‘The End of America’, published in April 2007, has now published a DVD, which updates the book by bringing it into the Obama era. Details are on her website

In short, the ten steps are:

1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy,
2. Create a gulag,
3. Develop a thug caste,
4. Set up an internal surveillance system,
5. Harass citizens' groups,
6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release,
7. Target key individuals,
8. Control the press,
9. Dissent equals treason,
10. Suspend the rule of law.

At the time I tried to bring to the attention of the British Esperanto Congress Step 5 (Harass citizens' groups), because I think that any membership association needs to be aware of this. What happens in the US is likely to follow in the UK. Membership associations, I think, should be seen much more as a litmus test for society as a whole. People don’t seem to make the connection, but I think we all need to be much more vigilant on the small things. The continued shift to a fascist state is further considered in an new Alex Jones video, ‘The Obama Deception’.

“The Obama Deception is a hard-hitting film that completely destroys the myth that Barack Obama is working for the best interests ofthe American people.“

The Obama phenomenon is a hoax carefully crafted by the captains of the New World Order. He is being pushed as savior in an attempt to con the American people into accepting global slavery. “We have reached a critical juncture in the New World Order's plans. It's not about Left or Right: it's about a One World Government. The international banks plan to loot the people of the United States and turn them into slaves on a Global Plantation.“ Covered in this film: who Obama works for, what lies he has told,and his real agenda.

If you want to know the facts and cut through all the hype, this is the film for you.” Just what a shift to a fascist state means is described by trends forecaster Gerald Celante, head of The Trends Research Institute.

Russia Today sent out an interview with him on April 19, headed “America lives in a fascist state”. Fascism, according to Mussolini, is the merger of corporate and government powers. That, according to Gerald Celante, has come to the US in broad daylight. “It’s a two-headed one-party system”, he said.

I wonder who rules Britain. So how has the economic meltdown come about?

“The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One”, says a leading US expert in fraud prevention, Bill Black. That’s the topic of an interview in the Bill Moyers Journal

and the title of a book he authored in 2005 entitled

The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One: How Corporate Executives and Politicians Looted the S&L Industry

In this amazing video interview on the current financial meltdown, Bill Black explains how the current financial meltdown was brought about by fraud, enabled by deregulation by the Bush administration. An important part of this was brought about with fraudulent “liars’ loans”. The toxic loans were deliberately created so that swindlers could exploit them. The system became a gigantic ponzi scheme. The FBI warned about thisbefore 9/11, but FBI agents were transferred to work on 9/11, and so their warning went unheeded. The Government was working with the industry to destroy regulation. He says that they don’t want to changethe bankers because if they did they’d put honest people in. It was themost elitist of institutions in America that were engaging in orfacilitating fraud, he said. The tragedy of this crisis, he said, isthat it didn’t need to happen. And neither did 9/11.