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Iraq war enquiry, Iran turmoil and 9/11

Originally sent June 2009

Things are moving fast now. The EU elections were overshadowed by the tom-foolery in Westminster, with the main parties campaigning to retain credibility. Then there was much talk about how long Gordon Brown can remain Prime Minister, whilst some were doubting whether he was Prime Minister anyway. The real Prime Minister seems to be Tony Blair’s friend Peter Mandelson, though it’s not clear how much influence cabinet has in policy decisions in any case. Certainly former cabinet minister Clare Short didn’t think that the cabinet had much say in the decision to wage war on Iraq, if we go by her book ‘An Honorable Deception?’. Clare Short was back on television last night (June 15), following Gordon Brown’s announcement that there would be an independent inquiry into the Iraq war, when she was interviewed by Jon Snow on Channel 4 News. Earlier she had said in the Commons that the membership of the inquiry was rather feeble, and that it should be allowed to have hearings in private or in public as it sees fit, rather than having them kept completely secret.

One thing that Jon Snow picked up on in the news broadcast was that the inquiry would be wide-ranging, going back to 2001. Indeed, Gordon Brown stated that it “will consider the period from summer 2001, before military operations began in March 2003, and our subsequent involvement in Iraq right up to the end of July this year”. That includes 9/11. This means that we actually have an announcement of a inquiry into 9/11, in so far that it relates to the events leading up to the Iraq war. So what did the British security services know about what was really going on, and how much did they know about the subsequent cover-up? Were they complicit in the event or in the cover-up? Huge questions can now be raised in the context of this inquiry. It’s up to truthers to press their MPs for answers.

Meanwhile, truthers in New York are desperately trying to collect signatures for a petition to the state authorities. The New York City Coalition for Accountability, are aiming to collect a minimum of 45000 valid signatures from Newyorkers by July 3. In practice, they need a lot more than that because the authorities may declare some invalid. So far, they have collected 44 246 signatures. If they succeed, then a new investigation into 9/11 will become law in the state of New York.

President Barack Obama, in his Cairo speech of June 4, has warned the public not to challenge the official 9/11 story.

The US administration is clearly becoming concerned at the rise in support for a new investigation into 9/11 and the subsequent cover-up. In the same speech, he acknowledged that “in the middle of the Cold War the United States played a role in the overthrow of a democratically elected Iranian government”:

This is the first time that a US President has admitted to that, as far as top Obama advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski can remember. The context was in admitting to wrongs on both sides, but it does mean that whilst denying a current ‘conspiracy theory’, he is admitting to a past one.

A friend of mine in Tehran wrote in to a politics email discussion group about the mass demonstrations that were about to take place the following day, concerning the national election, and asking for this to be made known outside Iran. I replied that we were indeed hearing about it in the West, but that it was unclear just what was happening, and exactly what evidence was emerging of election fraud. If the Iranians did have proper democratic elections, would they be destabilised from outside, as in 1953 (see Here and Here). This operation was known as Operation Ajax, and there appears to have been British involvement, including a propaganda campaign spearheaded by the BBC.

President Obama’s Cairo speech contrasts remarkably with a previous speech at the US National Archives, in which he delivered a blistering critique of the Bush administration’s “ad hoc legal strategy”, and then announced his own, to enable the administration to keep people in prison indefinitely. This was reported on MSNBC, a US cable television network, by announcer Rachel Maddow.

In the UK, Tony Blair wanted three months’ detention without trial, but Parliament limited that to 28 days, which is said to be the longest anywhere in the world. Some people are getting worried. An interview with modern historian and writer Webster Tarpley has just appeared under the title “The Men behind Barack Obama” ( and It contains plenty of food for thought.

I attended the Alternative Vision 2 conference at Heathrow at the end of May, together with about 400 others. Videos of the talks are available at the bottom of . An evening seminar on 9/11 is planned for July 7 in London, organised by a group of media professionals. Exploring Evidence Event will be taking place in Logan Hall in the Institute of Education, Central London from 18:30 ( Danish Scientist Professor Niels Harrit will present evidence of nanothermite from the debris of the World Trade Centre. A television interview with him can be seen in the videos section of the website. Dr Kevin Barret is an academic and author, who will present a ‘primer for Obama voters, presenting an academic analysis of Western foreign policy’.

On Tuesday, June 30, a new book, Terror On The Tube will be launched in London at Conway Hall in central London (Website).

The book investigates the mass of conflicting evidence, eye witness accounts and anomalies reported in the 7th July 2005 tube bombings. The author, Nick Kollerstrom, is an astrophysicist and science historian. Previous research of his uncovered the myth of Newton’s apple; it was a yarn spun by Newton to cover up his theft of the law of gravity, which was actually discovered by Robert Hooke ( Perhaps it’s fortunate for Nick that he didn’t discover that one three hundred years ago.

Keep talking, and keep asking questions!

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