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7/7 and the mystery of the late train

Originally sent September 2009

The silly season started early this year, with a new BBC television documentary in Mike Rudin’s conspiracy files series. This was on the London bomb attacks of July 7, 2005, in which 52 people were killed. The documentary seemed more interested in discrediting bona fide researchers who had found inconsistencies in the official version of events than in trying to establish the truth. The programme, ‘The Conspiracy Files: 7/7’ was broadcast in the evening of June 30,

just when science historian Nick Kollerstrom was launching his new book ‘Terror on the Tube’ in a London pub.

This is a meticulous piece of work, showing page after page how the official version of events just cannot be right. It was Nick who brought to light the fact that the terrorists reached the scene of the crime by taking a train from Luton to King’s Cross which happened to have been cancelled on that day.

This led to the minister having to correct this error in the House of Commons. However, if they had taken an earlier train, then the time stamps on the surveillance video must have been wrong, and if they had taken a later train, then they would have missed their own suicides.

But the wreckers were out. There were messages coming through on the 9/11 Forum that the event had been cancelled, and denials of this from the organiser. When I turned up at Conway Hall, we were told that the event had been cancelled, but there were conflicting stories on who had cancelled it. Then the organiser turned up and led us to an alternative venue, which was closed, and, as it turned out, had been closed for a week. We ended up in a noisy room in a pub. Then there were allegations that some in the truth movement were undercover agents for the Ministry of Defence, with no attempt at providing any evidence whatsoever, and bouncers at the doorway to stop anyone filming the event. The whole thing just got silly. Despite all that, Nick gave a very good introduction to his book to those of us who were left. Afterwards we watched the BBC documentary.

Among those calling for a public enquiry into the events of 7/7 was even the top counter terrorist officer of the London Metropolitan Police, who was responsible for the police response to those terrorist attacks. A few days earlier, Andy Hayman had appeared in a national television interview on his new book, The Terrorist Hunters, which was about to come out.He said in the interview, that although he was in charge, he didn’t feel he was in charge.

While he should have been in a situation of directing matters, he was called to a meeting of a coordinating committee with the minister and others. He related how the government appeared to have an agenda of their own in connection with the events. One minister insisted that there were eight terrorists, whilst he was reporting the police version, that there were four. He thought that the coordinating committee was slowing things down. “We have to be prepared to think the unthinkable”, he said in the interview.

On July 2, the government decreed, through the courts, that the book should be banned in British shops. The decision to ban it just hours before its launch seemed absurd. It had already been distributed to the bookshops, and it had already appeared in those in the Internet. According to one report, 2 500 copies of the book had already been sold.

If it was to do with security, that would be difficult to understand. The Russian and Chinese secret services would surely already have their own copies, and Osama bin Laden, if he still exists, would surely have his in the caves of Torra Bora, or wherever, possibly even in arabic translation, provided by his family members and friends of George Bush. Clearly, that was not the danger that they were shielding themselves from. The public is not allowed to know the reason for the ban. The real danger to the government can only be that the book should fall into your hands, or my hands, or the hands of sixty million other Brits, whose eyes might begin to open up to the deeds of the clownocratic elite.

On the same day as Nick’s book launch and the BBC documentary, Russia Today put out an interview with US investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, who claimed that

American intelligence had sent Afghan mercenaries into Iraq, in order to attack the country’s civilians and military personnel. Madsen said that the Afghans were recruited from the Taliban and were paid for their services.

Not much of this seems to make sense, until you learn of Operation Gladio, a NATO operation said to be responsible for terrorist attacks in Europe

A report is currently circulating that former Italian President Cossiga, who was one of those who revealed the existence of Gladio, had told national daily Corriera della Sera that

the 9/11 terrorist attacks were run by the CIA and Mossad, and that this was common knowledge among global intelligence agencies. I couldn’t find the original source of this, which in one report was given as Issue 52, December 24, 2007

The report also states that in March 2001, Gladio agent Vincenzo Vinciguerra stated, in sworn testimony, "You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple: to force the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security."

At the end of July I attended this year’s Universal Esperanto Congress in Bialystok in Eastern Poland, where the Esperanto idea began in the mind of young Lazarus Zamenhof. He was a life-long peace campaigner, and he identified language as one of the main barriers separating different populations, even in his home town. Later he was to work on interfaith ideas, and in 1906 had prepared to launch these ideas at the Universal Esperanto Congress in Geneva. Taking advice from friends, though, he cut that part of his speech, because the wreckers were out. It was the same wreckers who were to split the movement the following year in the famous ‘Ido schism’. This followed the pogroms of 1905 and 1906. What he did say in his speech was:

“It is now known, that it wasn’t the Russian population that was to blame for the bestial butchery in Bielystok and many other towns, because the Russian population was never crual and savage; it is known that it wasn’t the Tartars and the Armenians who were culpable in the persistent butchery, because both peoples are calm peoples, who don’t want to impose their control over anyone, and the only thing that they want is just to be left to live in peace. It is now known quite clearly that that those to blame are a group of abominable criminals, who, by various and most disreputable means, by widely spread lies and slanders, artfully create terrible hate amongst some peoples against others”.

He argued that we need to get people talking to each other across the barriers to counter such propaganda. This year’s congress, with 1800 people from 62 countries and celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Zamenhof, struck the imagination of the local council. Their contribution was outstanding. They had just opened a Zamenhof museum in the town centre, and all over the town there were Esperanto flags, together with Polish and local flags. The congress coincided with their music festival, and as part of that there was a concert in the central square, including poems set to music by a local composer, and a rendering of Beethoven’s choral symphony in Esperanto. Esperanto was everywhere. Across a side road from ‘Esperanto Cafè’ was an ice-cream shop called ‘Glaciajoj’. But the wreckers were out.

Zamenhof’s bust was daubed with paint, Coach tyres were slashed, A heavy stone was thrown through a window, injuring a young man from Brazil, Esperanto flags were removed from their holders near the Zamenhof bust, A marquee outside the congress centre had been set alight a few days before the opening ceremony, A Molotov cocktail was thrown at the Zamenhof Centre, A plaque outside Zamenhof’s old school was broken, and a congress poster was defaced

Clearly, this was not just bored kids, but a concerted attack.

Following an earlier incident, Professor Zbigniew Galor of Poznan University had stated that antisemitism in Poland is no longer connected with Jews. It is, he said, only an ideological mask for economic interests.

Following the congress in Bialystok, the local police said they had not known of anything similar happening in the town

The vandalism was clearly targeting Esperanto. The economic interests are unlikely to be those of the Czar, but much more likely to be those of the financial oligarchy behind the New World Order.

A friend of mine from the Esperanto movement recently gave a presentation on a Muslim radio station in Reading, Berkshire, on the topic of flouridation of drinking water. The campaign for flouridation was, he says, a public relations campaign run by the master of spin Edward Bernays. He also stated that the campaign has taken hold only in English-speaking countries. Such is the power of language.

The English-language version of the documentary film ‘ZERO: An investigation into 9/11’ has now found its way on to the Independent’s website, which is perhaps not too surprising, since the Independent sponsored the film in the first place.

This must be one step nearer to the film, or its contents, being discussed openly in the press. I should have thought that by now some television channel, such as Channel 4 or More 4 would have had its eye on this film. This is the obvious film to choose, since it examines only the evidence and does not attempt to deal with any conspiracy theories other than the official one.

The BBC, too, has been ignoring the evidence, and because of this, some activists held a demonstration outside the BBC studios in Shepherds Bush on the eighth anniversary of 9/11.

A new version of the Loose Change video has now been issued on DVD. It’s called ‘LOOSE CHANGE 9/11: An American Coup’. Loose Change has made video history, now with over two million views world-wide.

I’ve just come across a magazine called ‘Republic Magazine’ (, which describes itself as ‘politics with an edge’. The latest issue is ‘Issue 16 – 911 Uncovering the Truth’. It’s a subscription magazine, but the contents eventually appear on their website, as did Issue 11 – The Dark Hand of History’

The theme of this month’s magazine, it states, is to expose the ‘puppet master’.

“The late [comedian] George Carlin said it best ‘it’s a private club, and you ain’t invited!’ Are deals really made in smoky back rooms? Are there really bizarre initiation rites to become accepted by those mortals who pull the strings of society? In this, our 11th issue of Republic, we have dared to venture into the tombs, temples and halls of the secret rulers to bring light to the dark places so that you may know where to clip the strings of the puppet masters”.

There are articles on Freemasonry, the order of Scull and Bones, the Quigley Formula , The Council on Foreign Relations and The Trilateral Commission, and The Bohemian Grove, as well as an introduction to the New World Order.

A secret society which is known to have bred influential politicians in the UK is Oxford University’s Bullingdon Club. There was much discussion of this in the mainstream press, including BBC’s Newsnight, when Peter Mandelson came back into the Cabinet.

I think we all have to be aware of the sorts of things that do go on, and be vigilant, whatever society, association or club we happen to be in. Some people think it’s not patriotic to tell the truth; I think the opposite. People need to talk about these things across cultural divides.

Democracy, they say, is not something you have; it’s something you do.

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